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We are a team that likes to create and tell stories that are going to be heard by the right audience.


The ALETREO team focuses on the client, on knowing their needs and responding to them, always bringing experience in previous projects. With multidisciplinary profiles, we help brands with content, media, social media, events and anything else that may be necessary.
aletreo amparo

Amparo Cervantes

Office Director

Antonio Monsalve

Head of administration, processes and internal management

Mercedes García

Project Director

Alberto E. López

sergio zarco aletreo
Project Manager

Sergio Zarco

Director of Digital Strategy

Lucía Albert

Director of Digital Strategy

Dámaris León

Graphic designer

Ester Calatayud

Digital Project Manager

Pablo Ranchal

Digital Project Manager

Ángela Gimeno

Digital Project Manager

Christian Gautier

Content Creator

Andrea Navarro

Content Creator

Tania Ten

Graphic Designer

Laura Ramos

Telling stories,
empowering ideas.

When we are young, we learn about life by listening to stories, making them our own and understanding their characters, what they do and their emotions.

When we grow up, this is what we remember and what impacts us the most. That is why at ALETREO we believe it is essential to know how to tell the stories of the brands that trust us, we are storytellers.


Innovate in every action without exceptions.

Tailor-made actions for each client. Our own and different stories.


Listen to the customer, only the customer has the key information.

Listen, listen and then tell. This is the only way to make an impact __


Working with an online and offline vision.

Because only with a 360º strategy can we make the right impact.


We find interesting stories even if there don’t seem to be any.

The difference is in how we tell them. That’s where Aletreo’s work shines.



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