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Our clients speak

We spend 365 days a year telling stories about our clients to the world, but what if they could talk a little about us?

We ask them to be the ones to tell our stories.

agencia comunicacion valencia comillas

Fernando Saludes

President of Industrias Saludes and REDIT

"Having ALETREO as a reference partner has allowed us to approach and consolidate communication from a global perspective; aligning it with our values and strategic challenges; permeating all areas of the organisation and the ecosystems in which we operate; and always accompanied by a good team that is agile, close and empathetic".
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Marta Iranzo

President of the Club de Marketing del Mediterráneo

"With ALETREO we have achieved the visibility we needed at Club de Marketing del Mediterráneo to be able to grow and transmit our value. It is essential that the relationship with the media is managed by professional experts and we have found this professionalism and experience in ALETREO".

“We have collaborated with Aletreo in the conceptualisation, support and coordination of some events organised by Las Naves, such as “Media and Covid”, a logistical and organisational challenge that we managed to solve as a team with professionalism, taking care of the details, the staging and the whole communicative flow of the day. Both we and our guests were very satisfied”.

Marta Chillarón
Director of the innovation centre Las Naves of the Valencia City Hall

"Thanks to the ALETREO team we have learned to be better communicators of our brand and our values, they have helped us to position ourselves in the market, as we should. It helps us to use information correctly with the media in a natural and very professional way. It is a pleasure to work with the whole team".
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Alvaro Goicoechea


Sergio Gordillo

Managing Partner of Improven

"With ALETREO we have grown as a company by working on our communication in order to position ourselves with the message we wanted to give to our market. It helps us to be active on social networks in a natural and professional way. They are very involved in giving the best that they have and are".

“Organisation, understanding, patience, education, flexibility and work, a lot of work… and every day that passes, you realise that the progression is completely geometric. Undoubtedly, more than recommended… differential”.


José Javier Tendero Penalba
Personal trainer and nutritionist

"Working with ALETREO means working with the best team. Their implication, enthusiasm and results have allowed us to improve our image and play a relevant role in the media".

Jesús Pérez

Director at Cluster Innovación Envase y Embalaje

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