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We like to organise situations for your clients to connect with you.

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Your conductor for events that breathe brandstories

An opening, an anniversary or simply a special moment? At ALETREO we are used to prepare events and business or leisure days. From its creation, concept development, production and also the presentation of the event.

Comprehensive event management

We take care of all the details to make your event the most special moment. From the organisation of the event, the contracting of the different services required, to the communication itself. And we are with you so that everything turns out better than your own wedding.

Presentation of events

We offer presentation services for galas or ceremonies. We prepare the script of the event and validate it with you. So that everything goes “smoothly”.

This will be the Workflow


Kick-off meeting

You tell us about the event and all the details.

We script the event and all the needs

As if it were a film, because nothing can go wrong on such a special day.

Centralisation of services

We act as event secretary to keep everything under control.

We are with you at all times

We organise events in situ so that they run smoothly and successfully.

With an expert team in offline and online media to tell vibrant stories where they need to be heard.

With work that delivers value in two directions: to our clients and to the journalists who must amplify our stories.

“Events are the perfect meeting point and the ideal occasion for brands to gain notoriety and repercussion"

“At ALETREO we have extensive experience in organising large events, as well as being a service that we are passionate about"

Alberto E. López

Project Director.

We will also tell your brandstory.