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Strategy and consultancy

To do things well, we need to prepare them, and give them a path to know which direction is best to follow. And then execute it optimally.

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We create strategies that fit the story your brand needs to tell

At ALETREO we take into account what has happened so far to offer a successful strategy. Aligned with your objectives. And we do this by analysing and studying each particular situation. Because each client is unique and has its history, its past, its present and, of course, its future.

Communication strategy

What do we want to achieve? And, above all, how do we want to achieve it? These are two basic questions that we will answer and help you to focus successfully. With a Communication Plan adapted to your needs. Because in your case, perhaps A+B does not necessarily equal C.

Communication audit

We help you to find out how your communication is doing, what is your image in the public and whether you are known by the media or not. We help brands and organisations to carry out audits with the main focus on detecting opportunities for improvement. How do you think you are being seen?

Internal Communication

Because a smart communication strategy starts from within the company itself. Taking employees into account, keeping them informed and creating a feeling that will turn them into the ambassadors of your own brand or your organisation. They will be the first to talk about you, don’t you forget it!

Specialised training

We study your case and prepare “ad hoc” training for your company and your sector. We give communication and marketing courses focused on how you can improve, with our own cases that will make you learn in a practical way. From how to write your messages to how to speak in public. Everything communicates and we help you know how to do it.

This will be the Workflow


You tell us your communication objectives

What do you want to achieve? If you are not sure, we will help you to focus.

We find the differentiation, what's interesting

We all have something different that makes us unique.

We create a plan with strategy and a vibrant discourse.

We act by planning activities with a very concrete focus.

We set monitoring goals and continuously review them

Because measuring is the basis for the success of any action in order to avoid going blindly.

With an expert team in offline and online media to tell vibrant stories where they need to be heard.

With work that delivers value in two directions: to our clients and to the journalists who must amplify our stories.

"Working for big brands is exciting"

“We believe that a good agency should work on telling stories that matter in the right channels, so that they reach the audiences that will power our clients' brands”.

Antonio Monsalve

Director of projects and strategy

We will also tell your brandstory.