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WAW actions

For all those who want to be disruptive with their communication.

Unique actions to leave your target audience open-mouthed

We are disruptive and different, just like your brandstories. That’s why we have to look for ways to surprise our audiences with actions that they will remember over time. We are creative and always look for the best way to impact our target.

Actions with influencers

They are close to our clients’ customers and, therefore, we need to be with them. We prepare specific communication strategies and actions.

Direct Marketing

We create unique situations with creative mailings for recipients we need to impact in a positive way. Mailings with a message, that go with you and your essence. And that will be remembered.

Other actions

We can’t give you much more detail because these actions are so disruptive that they don’t even exist… we’ll surprise even you!

This will be the Workflow


How far can we go?

You tell us what limits we have for this type of actions.

Creative phase

We study how we can surprise and we propose the action.

We press the button

We carry out the specific delivery or action, which will be memorable.

Monitoring and retargeting

We measure the feedback of the action with the target audience and evaluate the effectiveness.

With an expert team in offline and online media to tell vibrant stories where they need to be heard.

With work that delivers value in two directions: to our clients and to the journalists who must amplify our stories.

“In a context in which the competition for content is very high, it is essential to create impactful and innovative actions to surprise”

"At ALETREO we are always looking for disruptive and different actions so that our clients can leave their target audiences open-mouthed"

Amparo Cervantes


We will also tell your brandstory.