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Social Media

We make your presence on social networks a strategic action that has an impact on your image and your sales

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We manage your organisation’s social networks in a comprehensive way and with the 5 senses

Working with social networks means defining a prior strategy, selecting the most appropriate networks and starting to broadcast. And then implementing the content, monitoring what happens and learning how to do it better.

Social Media audit

We seek to know the state of our presence in social media. We study your situation and the whole context to then be able to plan with data what is the best way to be present in the networks.

Social Media plan

We define the goals based on those of the organisation, we set up the appropriate social media profiles, we create and adapt the creative line to be followed and we work with an editorial calendar of contents.

Community Manager

We implement your social media plan. We create your messages and creativities and launch them at the right time, for the audience you want to reach. And we measure and monitor every step to improve every day.

This will be the Workflow


We will look at where we are at

Beginner or expert in social media? We will work through all the cases.

We define the strategy with you

You tell us about all the projects, we look at how to set it in motion and we schedule it.

We take action

We publish on your social networks in a structured and planned way

We measure, we measure, and then we keep measuring

We use advanced tools to monitor the evolution of the plan and its impact on the organisation's objectives.

With an expert team in offline and online media to tell vibrant stories where they need to be heard.

With work that delivers value in two directions: to our clients and to the journalists who must amplify our stories

"Social networks are a virtual interaction through applications, websites and other digital channels, allowing the exchange between individuals, organisations or companies"

"The #AletreoTeam has in common with social media that we are specialists in connecting people and organisations"

Lucía Albert

Social Strategy Director

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